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ShiVa3D 1.9

Version 1.9 of 3D engine brings "wealth" of new features.

SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS, France –Tuesday, November 2 – Stonetrip, the leading 3D engine studio for games and 3D applications, announced that release 1.9 of the celebrated ShiVa3D engine, is available today. This major upgrade to the globally successful 3D engine brings in a wealth of new features while retaining the popular pay-once purchasing model that has led to an installed base of over 30,000 worldwide.

“This ShiVa3D upgrade brings in some amazing new capabilities – the Unified Authoring Tool on its own, for example, makes creating games across desktop, console and mobile platforms a smooth, efficient, one-stop process,” says Philip Belhassen, CEO of Stonetrip. “This and other features such as the coding abilities and the integration of plug-ins such as PhysX and F-Mod, all contribute to ShiVa3D 1.9’s incredible ease of use while maintaining the excellence of its output.”

In summary, new features in ShiVa3D version 1.9 include:

Ability to code in C/C++/Cocoa/Objective-C : Users can now code their game completely in C++/Cocoa/Objective-C. Native Compilation: the editor can now convert Lua to readable C++ code to improve script performance (for example, Fibonacci suite 20, 60fps on a Palm phone when compiled, 10 fps on Mac desktop in Lua …) Plug-ins : allows developers to extend engine capabilities by including add-ons like PhysX physics engine, Fmod sound library, ARToolkit, also users can create custom API (using dll, .a for mobile, .so for linux, .dylib for mac) available in the script Editor with auto completion and documentation. ShiVa3D Editor PLE Limited Export: new version enables users to export add-ons and expansion packs freely, also allows a complete game to be exported for testing purposes with limited execution time and integral watermarks. Unified authoring tool: a single tool to compile source generated by the editor into an executable application for all supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm and Wii. Mesh API: mesh structure can be altered by both Lua and C++ code (plug-ins) to allow mesh creation and deformation in features such as clothing. Compound dynamic body: to create complex physics object like chairs (6 boxes). Point light shadows: point lights can now cast dynamics shadows. Multiple shadows: each light can cast shadows (unlimited count). Device Input Simulator: ShiVa Editor 1.9 is now available with a Device Input Simulator Application that can be installed on iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Palm. The application will communicate directly with the ShiVa Editor and simulate the input.

“Many of the new features are in direct response to feedback and consultation with our existing users. Others have been developed and introduced as part of our desire to make ShiVa3D 1.9 the most technologically advanced, most innovative, most reliable and most efficient 3D engine on the market today,” Belhassen continues.

For current ShiVa3D licensees, rel 1.9 will be freely available through a direct link in the latest version of the ShiVa3D Editor, as Stonetrip does not charge for updates or version upgrades. The company also has a single licence, royalty-free structure that allows developers to avoid buying a licence per platform and paying a percentage of the revenue from their games.

About the ShiVa3D Engine

ShiVa3D is the developers’ tool of choice for easily creating amazing 3D real-time applications and games for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iPhone, Android, iPad, Wii and Palm webOS. It is a powerful development platform for creators of 3D real-time applications and games and enables creators to quickly bring high-quality content to market. ShiVa3D has a strong support team behind it that is responsive, creative and experienced in game development on all platforms. The company continues to add additional support for new and emerging platforms under a single licence strategy and extends ShiVa3D’s functionality to continually meet the needs of its more than 30,000 licensed developers. A comparison of the different versions of ShiVa3D can be found here: h ttp://


Create any genre of game in a fraction of the time Cross-platform game engine designed for next-generation game development Delivers all the rendering, animation, special effects and programming features needed to create any game with ease Optimised graphical engine with dynamic lighting and shadows, reflection and skinning Built-in path finding Integrated ODE physics engine High-level development using LUA language WYSIWYG Editor Free Engine evaluation and SDK No publishing fees Single licence for all platforms

About Stonetrip

Stonetrip is a leading 3D engine company for games and 3D applications, founded in 2003. Headquartered in Sophia-Antipolis, France, the company designs and supports ShiVa3D, the developers’ tool of choice for easily creating amazing 3D real-time applications and games for Windows, Mac OS, Web, Linux, Wii, iPhone, iPad, Palm web OS and Android. The company is focused on delivering a powerful platform for creators through its industry leading technology that continues to make it easier to achieve high quality in less time with the greatest compatibility. Stonetrip continues to add additional platforms to the ShiVa3D platform as it extends its reach to new markets.

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