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SHIFT extended

Extended onto the European and North American PlayStation stores now.

A short reminder about the game:

In SHIFT extended you’re an experimental subject in a strange lab. You don’t know what you’re doing here and no explanation at all is given to you. All you have to do is solve the many puzzles that are put in front of you. The thing is…you don’t really have a choice. Let the experiment begin…

·         A unique concept;

·         An amazing life-expectancy, thanks to its 120 levels;

·         Entirely new game mechanics never seen before in the SHIFT series;

·         A timer, allowing players to compare their best performances.

With twice the content from the original version and brand new gameplay mechanics to push the challenge even further, SHIFT extended is the most complete experience of the series!

The unique concept of SHIFT:

The origin of the success of SHIFT lies in a few things: a very simple, neat and elegant design, accessible gameplay and increasingly challenging levels to keep the players interested from start to finish. It’s however the “SHIFT” command that makes SHIFT extended stand out from other puzzle games. Indeed, this feature allows the player to reverse perspectives (up down, solid, void) and therefore create new ways to escape the mazes of the game. Switch from black to white at will and change your own substance to find the way out.


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