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Sheridans signs up with Tiga

Media and entertainment law firm becomes the latest company to join developer body

Entertainment and media law firm Sheridans has become the latest company to join the ranks of videogame developer body Tiga. It joins a long list of long-standing members, as well as new arrivals including Realtime Worlds and Abertay University, as CEO Richard Wilson continues to corral the industry.

"I am very pleased that Sheridans has joined Tiga," said Wilson of the move. "Sheridans will bring a wealth of specialist experience to Tiga members, enabling them to run their businesses ever more effectively, efficiently and profitably."

And Alex Chapman, partner at Sheridans and well-known figure in the UK industry added: "I am delighted that Sheridans has become part of the Tiga family. Tiga has changed enormously over the last year. It has a clear purpose and direction: campaigning at a political level, raising the media profile of the industry, and working to provide tangible benefits for its’ members. Sheridans is proud to become a member of Tiga and we look forward to working with the rest of the membership over the years ahead.

"I would also urge all game developers to join Tiga. Tiga provide a strong voice for the games industry and valuable benefits for its members. Now is the time to work together for the sake of the whole industry."

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