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Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity

Sci-fi strategy RPG from indie developer Elder_Games, who've almost finished it.

Shattered Origins: Guardians of Unity is being finished up by independent game developer Elder_Games. The game has an extensive single player campaign now with over 15-20 hours of gameplay depending on the difficulty settings. The game comes with 12 achievements, more than an hour of soundtrack, numerous battle maps and a survival game mode to extend playtime past the campaign. One of the biggest strengths that are expected to keep Shattered Origins alive even after its release is the continuous flow of updates the developers will provide by releasing new content for the game, based on feedback from the game's community.

Shattered Origins is a unique strategy / RPG hybrid with arcade elements. Actual development on the game started in 2008 June. This first commercial project of Elder_Games is supported by RawenGroup since 2009 January, and the co-operation of the two teams resulted in an almost finished game by the autumn of 2010. 

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