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Scratch That Itchy Trigger Finger with the Nintendo DS Stylus and Touch Screen

LYON, FRANCE - 8 December 2006 - Atari today announced the launch of Point Blank DS for Nintendo DS from NAMCO BANDAI Games, available now at retailers across Europe. The classic arcade shoot-em-up has come to rest in the perfect place on Nintendo's innovative DS console, the stylus and touch screen lending themselves impeccably to the game's rapid-fire gameplay. In keeping with the game's heritage, the fast, addictive gameplay and fun visual style are all intact in Point Blank DS.

Where once a light gun was the digital sharp-shooter's weapon of choice, now the stylus is the means by which players can pepper the DS screen with bullet holes in search of that elusive bulls-eye. Players' hand eye coordination and steely nerve will be tested to the max across 40 different stages, with gameplay modes including high-score free play, arcade play, and classic coin-op. Alongside the familiar styles of play are the brand new Brain Massage challenge, which measures players abilities through a series of frenetic quick fire shoot outs, and two player wireless multiplayer mode which lets players duel it out through a series of chaotic mini-games to see who's really quickest on the draw.

The four difficulty settings along with the variety of gameplay on offer ensure there's something for everyone in Point Blank DS, whether a private eye .45 Magnum type, or a nervous grandma with hubby's old revolver in the bedside cabinet.

Point Blank DS on Nintendo DS is available now at retailers across Europe. For more information about Atari's entire product line up visit

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About NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe SAS

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe is one of the companies comprising the newly formed BANDAI NAMCO Group, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. On 29th September, 2005, BANDAI Co., Ltd and NAMCO LIMITED implemented a management integration to compete more effectively on the global stage in the fast-changing entertainment industry and deliver future growth. The resulting BANDAI NAMCO Group is a global entertainment operation involved in business fields ranging from toys, video game software and visual software to amusement machines & facilities and network content.

More information about NAMCO BANDAI Games, its products and services can be found online at

About Infogrames Entertainment and Atari

Infogrames Entertainment (IESA), the parent company of the Atari Group, is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (ISIN code: FR-0000052573) and has two principal subsidiaries: Atari Europe, a privately-held company, and Atari, Inc., a United States corporation listed on NASDAQ (ATAR).

The Atari Group is a major international producer, publisher and dhistributor of interactive entertainment software for all market segments and in all existing game formats (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony) and on CD-ROM for PC. Its games are sold in more than 60 countries.

The Atari Group's extensive catalogue of popular games is based on original franchises (Driver, Alone in the Dark, V-Rally, Test Drive, Roller Coaster Tycoon, etc.) and international licenses (Matrix, Dragon Ball Z, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.).

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