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A press release that'll Shaiya a thing or two about the guild system.

Santa Clara, Calif. - Oct. 27, 2008 - Shaiya's latest update now offers players more incentive for taking part in its guild system. Guilds now have exclusive rights to guild rankings and guild houses - with only the top 30 guilds allowed a house.

With the implementation of the latest guild system, Shaiya players have begun new quests to help their respective guilds earn the bragging rights.

Here is a brief rundown of the latest guild system in Shaiya:

Guild Rankings: Compete in guild battles and challenges to prove you're the best around. Everyone will be able to see your guild's rank.

• Guild Houses: Better upgrade chances, NPCs, and a cool place to hang out. Only the top 30 guilds can have a guild house.

• Guild Battles: Fight enemy guilds in team-based PvP and rage war to show who the best is.

• Guild Scenarios: Old Willow, an antagonist for war, is ready to beat you down. Show him what you're made of and grant your guild some amazing privileges.

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