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Shadow Light Games Announces Team and Release of Freddie Flintoff for Mobile Phone

The mobile gaming industry today adjusted its box and clapped in a new batsman with the arrival of Shadow Light Games, developer of Freddie Flintoff: All Round Cricket, published by Player One on 27th October for Orange and T-Mobile and due on other leading networks within three weeks.

Brought together at the former Elixir Studios, developer of high profile PC and console games such as Republic and Evil Genius, the Shadow Light Games team are the newest bright young things of the mobile game development sector and intend to bring console quality gaming to the mobile phone format and mass market.

The Shadow Light Games senior management team are all passionate and experienced gamers and include Aamar Rana, 26, as Managing Director and Art Manager; Ian Harper, 27, as Lead Technology Programmer; and Chris Dawson, 27, as Lead Artist. All three bring a wealth of development and design experience to the team, as well as enthusiasm, vision, innovation and a touch of effervescence to the mobile development sector as a whole.

Mobile entertainment is one of the fastest moving and most competitive sectors for game developers and Shadow Light Games has embraced this by offering its clients creativity, reliability and professionalism from the outset. Freddie Flintoff: All Round Cricket perfectly encapsulates the company ethos and showcases the company's powerful mobile 3D and multiplayer technologies. Freddie follows hot on the heels of Violent Veg Attack and Pinball Legends Reactor, also published by Player One.

Shadow Light Games technologies form a Rapid Application Development Kit for producing cutting-edge, yet reliable, mobile entertainment content, including proprietary technology with powerful 2D and 3D engines, providing optimum performance and capability across platforms. 3D environments, in particular, are an area of speciality for the team, with such a strong background in real time 3D environments won through PC and console development. This valuable experience allows Shadow Light Games to produce truly impressive 3D environments even on the limited technical capabilities of first generation mobile handsets. The game experience is pushed further with head-to-head multiplayer capabilities on Bluetooth capable handsets.

Alongside its impressive technology, Shadow Light Games produces outstanding art and design and uses dedicated animators across all projects to produce animations, character designs, video mock-ups, screen shots, banners and desktop wallpapers, all of which can be used for marketing purposes.

"We intend to quickly establish Shadow Light Games as the gold standard in mobile game development," commented Aamar Rana. "We want to bring the quality of games you'll find on your home or handheld console to the mobile phone platform. We want mobile phone users to play one of our games and be encouraged and enthused to play more on their mobile. Ultimately, we want to make great games for mobile handsets."

Shadow Light Games is currently developing for all major mobile phone manufacturers, including Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp and LG, and offers development work for hire services as well as its own intellectual properties. A number of high profile licensed and non licensed projects are due to be announced in the run up to Christmas.


Notes to Editors:

Aamar Rana, Managing Director and Art Manager. Aamar entered the games industry at the age of 17 and has accumulated over eight years industry experience in 2D and 3D art, character design, environments and animation. He has practically grown up in the business of making games. A former Elixir Studios employee of over five years, Aamar was involved in over six projects across multiple formats. He has been engaged in roles that required communication between Production, Art and programming departments.

Ian Harper, Lead Technology Programmer. With seven years industry experience, Ian joined Shadow Light Games following a very successful career with British Telecom, Code Masters and Elixir Studios, developing technology for PC, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation and mobile phones. With a First Class Honors in Computer Science and extensive knowledge of 2D and 3D Engine Programming, Ian is committed to engineer Shadow Light Games' technology to be one of the finest in the industry.

Chris Dawson, Lead Artist. With six years industry experience in character art, environment art, texturing, graphical user interface and concept art, Chris is a highly talented all-round artist with in-depth knowledge of almost all areas of art. With a Multimedia Systems BSc Honors and credited on Elixir Studio's Evil Genius Chris Dawson's ability, professional attitude and experience add a valuable dimension to the management team.

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