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Shadow Light Games steps into the scene

After 3 years in hiding, Shadow Light Games now steps into the mobile games market and aims to become a serious player. An industry so competitive warrants only the best developers. The company has spent care and time to fine tune their software engines, and have now ended with technology that can handle anything thrown at it. Whether it's 2D or 3D, sports or action game, Shadow Light Games can deliver rich content with wide-ranging compatibility.

About Shadow Light Games

Founded by Aamar Rana in 2001 Shadow Light Games have been developing games on mobiles for over 5 years. Their current portfolio includes Super Munkey Boom, Project A and ProSoccer 3D. In addition to their own games they provide gaming solutions to publishers and clients alike.

About Aamar Rana

Aamar Rana, CEO and Creative Director: 25 years old, entered the games industry at the age of 17 and has accumulated over 8 years experience. He has practically grown up in the business of making games. Founded Shadow Light Games to bring together extremely talented individuals from the industry and begin the making of a highly competitive games company. A former Elixir Studios employee of over 5 years, he worked on a range of projects with Demis Hassabis across multiple platforms. Aamar now aims to build Shadow Light Games into one the most respected mobile games developers in the UK.

Shadow Light Games Technology

SLG technologies together form a Rapid Application Development kit for producing reliable & quality content. The following features give a high level overview of the mobile game technologies SLG have developed.

  • Cross-device compatibility & porting
  • Testing
  • Localisation
  • Screen size independence
  • Automatic content conversion and optimization tools
  • Cross-device look-and-feel
  • File size optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • 2D animated content
  • 3D environments
  • Intuitive Dynamic User Interface

Super Munkey Boom 2

Super Munkey Boom is an instantly playable action game designed for a large consumer base covering almost all age ranges. The core consists of pure game play covered with a layer that shields the player from the complexities of game mechanics. One of the strengths of Munkey Boom is its achievement of rich visuals that are both memorable and characteristic. As far as the control system is concerned the player only uses one action button and two directional inputs. It is truly a game that does mobile entertainment justice by combining instant playability with replay value.

Project A

In Project A it is not just about shooting down enemies, but rather a cunning combination of action, puzzle, skill driven game play. The game seamlessly transforms the pace and presents the player with new challenges linked to unique experiences in each level. Critically, Project A allows the player to interchange between 3 inimitable ships at any time during game play. These ships offer distinct power-ups, speeds and strengths and allow the player to ultimately overcome any situation. The game's progress is glued together by a compelling plot that the player discovers upon completion of every level.

ProSoccer 3D

From the onset, ProSoccer was designed to be the most fluid and smooth 3D soccer game on the mobiles. With smooth frame rates between 15 and 20 FPS, it offers players soccer experience reminiscent of console renditions.

The game includes the following features:

  • Full real-time 3D
  • Changeable camera angles
  • Penalty shootouts
  • Formations
  • Animated crowd
  • Different stadiums
  • Save and load game data
  • User interface with Flash-like animation.
  • Sound
  • Vibrate

Contact Information

Shadow Light Games Ltd.

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