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SFR goes multiplayer with BeTomorrow

Licenses end-to-end system for mobile multiplayer...

French operator SFR (Vodafone France) has signed a deal with Bordeaux-based technology firm BeTomorrow which will see a range of multiplayer games being rolled out across the carrier's network.

BeTomorrow is a self-funded tech firm which has developed a technology platform designed for mobile multiplayer, including advanced features to help build up communities of gamers around a product.

As part of the deal with SFR, BeTomorrow will be providing a full end-to-end solution - including the technology platform and a set of games which utilise it, starting with five titles and expanding to 15 over the coming months, including an online version of Worms.

All of the games built on the platform will implement BeTomorrow's community systems, including an instant messaging system which allows direct communication with players, and a dynamic survey system.

While BeTomorrow's technology has clear applications in mobile gaming, as this deal proves, that's not the only area where the company is using the technology; it's also currently being used to track the boats taking part in the Americas Cup based on their real-time GPS positions.

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