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Seven Days And Seven Ways To Soak Yourself In Sin

Maximising The Mini-game With 7 Sins

With just seven days left before the UK launch of saucy new title 7 Sins on PC and PlayStation 2, Digital Jesters offer a tantalising look at just some of the mini-games players can expect to enjoy.

Because life in the 7 Sins universe can wreak havoc on the emotions of the player, there are many different mini-games available to sooth the ego, calm things down a little to keep your conscience in check. Here's a little taster to whet your appetite...


They have it, you want it - it's as simple as that. Fortunately, in 7 Sins you can just go out there and take it, as long as you don't get caught in the act. Rifle through the coat pockets at a nightclub, dip your fingers in the till at work - wherever there's cash, there's an opportunity for you to grab it.


Okay, so you have cash in your pocket, but you want some more - why not distract one of the rich and famous while you help yourself to the contents of their wallet? You'll need to be pretty sneaky and grab it quickly, but just make sure you don't get caught red handed!


Overindulgence is second nature in 7 Sins, but everything has a consequence. If you abuse the alcohol on offer, it's going to make you sick. Get to a space where you can puke discreetly, or risk shaming yourself in public and destroying your hard earned reputation. Breath mints are not going to be enough for this one...


Not everyone is a fan in the 7 Sins universe, and some of the characters you'll meet can do serious damage to your ego. Boost your sense of self esteem by reminding yourself just how fantastic you really are. Find a mirror, and recite the mantra..."I'm the BEST!"


Feeling a little jaded from all the hectic social interactions? Need a little R&R to ease your stress levels? Just find a quiet corner and take a quick nap, and count those little fluffy sheep to help you drift off into dreamland. Of course, this being 7 sins, there's a dark twist in the shape of that circular saw...


Keeping your cool is not always the best option, and sometimes you just need to vent your frustration by giving someone a good, hard slap! Why not indulge in a little play fight to show them who's boss and retain your masculinity...


Keeping your libido in check is essential if you want to avoid upsetting the locals. But with all those lovely ladies parading around it's going to be tough to remain calm. Give yourself a little treat with some voyeurism, and if things are going well enough, engage in some good old fashioned sex!

There are plenty more mini-games to enjoy, as well as a host of unique characters and some pretty racy encounters to be found in 7 Sins. Start living life on the edge when the game is released on PC and PlayStation 2 on 20th May, priced £19.99 and £29.99 respectively.

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