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Set Sail for Exhilarating Action in the Caribbean...

Set in the Caribbean of the early 18th century, "Tortuga - Two Treasures" is an action adventure brimming with Caribbean myth, legendary treasures and fearsome pirates.

Writers Mark L. Barrett and Bob Bates combine talents to bring forth the tale of Thomas "Hawk" Blythe and his powerful adversary, Edward Teach, better known as the dreaded Blackbeard. It is as much a pirate tale as ever there was, and this is one to make the blood boil with love and honor, conspiracy and theft, violence and murder.

Each of the many missions poses a fresh challenge for our hero "Hawk". On land or at sea there are new skills to master, as well as special items to collect and use with cunning in order to defeat your enemies and build your reputation as a freebooter.

Battles at sea, close combat or scouting missions - Hawk may decide at any time which strategy would be the most advantageous in any given situation. With realistically proportioned vessels and landscapes, and highly detailed graphics, it is possible to decide early whether an open attack could be successful. Otherwise, boarding the dinghy during the night in order to sabotage the opponent's ship might be sensible. Thus, the enemy will be weakened and the number of opponents will be reduced - ideal conditions for a sword fight, man-to-man.

Game Features

Fast-paced and action-packed story filled with honour and betrayal, conspiracy and theft, violence and murder

Intuitive, easy-to-learn gameplay - fun and rewarding!

Breathtaking battles at sea, action-packed sword fights with unique special moves

A multitude of special items and bonus weapons available for battles at sea and melee fights

A host of different opponents and boss enemies

High level of detail for ship models and crews, numerous different types of ships and ammunition

Sophisticated damage model for ships

Stunning 3D visuals - combat, characters, ships, water effects

Tactical manoeuvring at sea between shoals and reefs

Day and night cycle

Ragdoll and physics implementation

Resolution 1024 x 768 and higher, 7.1 surround sound, gamepad support

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