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Set a Course for Adventure! Runaway's Coming to the Nintendo DS

The smash hit animated adventure heading to Nintendo's handheld in 2008

October 23, 2007- Nintendo DS owners will need to get ready for an unbelievably exciting trip, as today Focus Home Interactive and Pendulo Studios are pleased to announce Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle DS. With Runaway for DS, players will be invited to travel all around the world, where they'll solve some of the most unique (and hilarious) puzzles and greatest mysteries seen in adventure games. Taking full advantage of the DS' stylus controls, coupled with a new graphical codec that will bring the animated world of Runaway to life, the game promises to keep players immersed in the game world as they encounter outstanding characters and environments.

The game will be released in North America in Q2 2008.

An electronic press kit, containing screenshots and other assets, including the recently released developer walkthrough video, is available at the URL below.

To download the electronic press kit -


The official Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle DS site:


View the "making of" video:


More about Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle DS:


A truly phenomenal adventure game with more than one million of players on PC, Runaway has now debuted in full force on the Nintendo DS with this groundbreaking new version.

The game begins as Brian and Gina are enjoying a well-deserved vacation under the Hawaiian sun. The couple decides to visit Tiki Falls. Unfortunately, their plane crashes in the jungle, and our two miraculously uninjured heroes are separated during the crash. This sets off a wacky adventure that leads Brian and Gina to the four corners of the globe where they meet military men, pirates, spies, surfers and possibly even aliens!

Perfectly tuned to take advantage of the touch-screen features of the DS, Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle DS introduces a wonderful animated graphical adventure with a hilarious storyline, full of unique humor and plot twists

This DS version features more than an hour of amazing animated sequences to underpin the plot, its surprise developments and multiple comedic moments.

With Runaway, The Dream of the Turtle DS, you'll feel like you're living an incredible adventure at the heart of a hilariously fun animated film. The player moves and interacts in truly vibrant, rich and detailed environments, from tropical jungles to arctic wastelands

Follow Brian and Gina and meet dozens of eccentric characters while completing wacky puzzles and exploring more than one hundred places at the four corners of the globe with a flick of the stylus! A unique and exciting adventure is at your fingertips!


The fabulous adventures of Brian Basco and Gina Timmins for the first time on console Discover 6 great chapters of an unforgettable adventure full of surprises and meet more than 30 eccentric 3D characters! Up to 100 locations from all four corners of the globe, all rendered in lush graphical detail. A unique graphical experience due to a perfect combination of animations in 3D and the traditional 2D design of adventure games. As never seen before on DS, the game offers one hour of amazing animated sequences that will underpin the plot. This true technological exploit has been made feasible thanks to the use of the advanced VX2 codec. Enjoy the great experience of Point 'n Click gameplay on DS thanks to the mouse / stylus substitution. An intuitive zoom system offers an excellent visibility when exploring the adventure environments. Thanks to the DS double-screen, a highly-optimized navigation system gives you the possibility to switch from the inventory to the game screen at any time. Integrated help system making it easier to solve the most difficult puzzles.




Release date: Q2 2008



Website: www.runaway-thegame.com

About Focus Home Interactive

Founded in 1996, Focus Home Interactive is a French publishing and distribution company based near Paris, France. Known for the diversity, quality and originality of its catalogue, Focus now publishes and distributes many of its titles throughout Europe and also world-wide in both boxed retail and digital distribution formats. The last five years have been very successful for Focus in France, with many of its PC licenses becoming top-sellers. Focus has also published several original titles, including the adventure game Runaway, the renowned Cycling Manager and the much-loved TrackMania. The coming months will be exciting and full of surprises with the release of high-quality games such as Blood Bowl, TrackMania United, Loki, Paradise City, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened and sport games dedicated to major events such as the 32nd America's Cup or the Tour de France.


For more information, please contact:

Ted Brockwood, Calico Media Communications (on behalf of Focus Home Interactive)


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