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Serious Games Conference Hits London

"Serious Gaming – Powering the new Entertainment Arena" Panel Session

June 4, 2007 - London, United Kingdom - The Serious Gaming sector hosts a ground breaking event that gathers the leading lights in the application and development of this emerging sector. The Enterprising Gaming Week in conjunction with the Apply Serious Games conference includes an Out-of-Home interactive entertainment panel session. A groundbreaking session moderated by KWP's Kevin Williams - the series of events also includes a Keynote presentation from Peter Molyneux and the first consultation with the industry on the opportunities presented through linking games with the London Olympics (hosted by South East Media Network) - a chance for your voice to be heard.

The Enterprising Games Week event incorporates the second Apply Serious Games annual conference. The event for the first time will include a presentation focused on the Out-of-Home interactive entertainment and exer-gaming sector. This ground breaking event over two days will include a panel session organized by KWP Limited, called "Serious Gaming - Powering the new Entertainment Arena" that will look at the far reaching opportunities of Serious Gaming, with a focus on the new areas of Exer-Gaming, Edutainment and Interactive Attractions.

The events include influential and thought-provoking speakers, including Peter Molyneux of Lionhead, Nader Nanjiani of Cisco US, plus sessions on the market in China for serious games and a virtual world Olive vs Second Life shoot-out. The events importance is underlined by the departments responsible for policy on the creative sectors choosing the Apply Serious Games session to hold an influential steering committee on the opportunities of consumer gaming into support and promotion of the London Olympic Games event.

Details of the KWP moderated Apply Serious Games session:

Date / Duration: 28/06/07 - 30-minutes

Session Name: "Serious Gaming - Powering the new Entertainment Arena"

Moderator - Kevin Williams, Director of KWP Limited

The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment consultancy, a founding member of ANGILS, the specialist operation works closely in the sector and the application of Serious Gaming, with a focus on the new areas of Exer-Gaming, Edutainment and Interactive Attractions; the operation a well-known writer and presenter - owning The Stinger Report eNewsletter.

Panellists - Ali Kord, Founder and Director of Animazoo

One of the leading motion capture manufacturers responsible for the world 'GypsyGyro' motion tracking suit used in film and video games; one of the first developers of the new generation of exercise gaming system with their 'Gym Pilot' revolutionary platform.

Panellists - Mishka Klotz, Founder and Director of OM Interactive

One of the leading developer of interactive experiences for education, advertising and display. The company has developed their LightBeam system for application in special needs and education, while their new Living Surface interactive projection system offers a new level of physicality to the market.

Synopsis: Following a brief overview of the market and the various components of Edu-Tainment, Exer-Gaming, Interactive Attractions and Simulation - KWP will then go over the various aspects needed for this market and then will throw open the panel section, with a short description of the core components of each companies entrance into the Serious Game sector and then a discussion on the application and future development of this market.

Target / Take-away: Executives and developers looking at the Out-of-Home market as a possible opportunity for their content and resources. The session will give an exclusive overview of this market and the key areas of most profitable development to date, with observations for those directly involved in its application. Offering more than hard sell, the session will look at the working and the factors driving the development of a sector of the market that is popular but poorly reported, allowing those that attend a means to base future development upon.

Full Event Schedule

27th June - 1/2 day Second Life Masterclass, incorporating 4 areas covering: Safari Session - Introduction to virtual worlds and games engines including Alphaworld, Second Life, There, Croquet, 3DC, Sony Home, Habbo, SG, World of Warcraft, Unreal and Multiverse; including a comparison exercise. Lead by David Burden, Daden Ltd

27th June - Social Media - Join the Revolution: a 1/2 day masterclass focusing on: the power of blogging, value of podcasting, inclusion of YouTube, use of RSS and social bookmarking and extending this to global mobile communities. There will be an opportunity to consider when to use a serious game, a debate about delivery channels and the considerations needed for development. Lead by Ron Edwards, Ambient Performance

28th June - The second year of Apply Serious Games, the conference dedicated to serious games, extending brands, web 2.0 connectivity & virtual worlds. Keynote from Cisco Systems Inc, Prof Bob Stone of Birmingham University and Jenn McNamara of BreakAway Games. Sessions about Serious Games market in China and Second Life with much more now on the website, including a persistent world 'shoot-out' and a session from successful MMO developer/publisher NCSoft as to how they manage scalability and growth (a good session for any multiplayer learning platform providers or those thinking of developing an online subscription service for a multiplayer learning or awareness game).

28th June - The inaugural Apply AI Innovation Conference, dedicated to Artificial Intelligence innovations in entertainment, media and serious games. Keynote from Peter Molyneux, Lionhead Studios and Jenn McNamara of BreakAway Games.

- END -

Bio: Enterprising Games Week

Enterprising Games Week includes Apply Serious Games 2007 and Apply AI Innovations 2007 in London, UK comprises a number of conferences and masterclasses scheduled in central London over 27 - 28th June, dedicated to the use of games in areas across the non- traditional and traditional games industries and providing an insight into the creative and business innovations arising from games, web 2.0 and virtual worlds techniques and AI technologies and their applicability across the digital content landscape: brands, learning and planning. More at and and

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