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Sensible Soccer to put the boot in with 50+ competitions and all-new Custom Team game mode

350+ clubs! 5,500+ players! 50 competition cups! Friendlies! DIY Competitions! Introducing Custom Team game mode with 45 trophy matches!

With breathtakingly fast gameplay, where every fraction of a second matters, Sensible Soccer gives you 360-degree control over every move you make. And you're going to need it when the ultimate kickabout returns to PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this June.

When it all kicks off, Sensi will come complete a whole host of game modes that will have you and your mates staying up half the night perfecting exquisite 30-yarders. The 50 different competitions include World and European Cup events, plus leagues and cups from all the top European nations.

For instant play, there are Friendlies and DIY Competitions allowing the creation of limitless variations of cups, leagues & tournaments for up to 64 players! All Sensi's modes support multiplayer games for up to 4 players, including, for console players, 2-player co-operative teams.

There's also the Custom Team game mode, designed to offer the most comprehensive single-player football gaming experience ever. Create, play and upgrade four of your own custom teams. Name them, design their kit to your own taste, even show your style by decking out your lads in classy "Union Jack" shorts and then choose their style of play - aggressive, workhorse, flair or attacking wide boys.

By winning any of the 45 trophy matches, you'll unlock more game features, including new pitch types, such as muddy, and match balls, plus unique player features such as fancy silver boots and the footballer's favourite - the infamous mullet hairstyle!

Sensible Soccer is set to feature over 350 International and European club teams providing over 5,500 players from around the world, each individually skilled and with their own unique and stylised look. Squads are made up from 16 players with 12 different tactical formations to choose from.

With insane speed, spectacular goals with loads of after-touch, gripping and addictive gameplay and a zoomed out camera for the best view of the pitch - it's all in the return of Sensible Soccer, coming to PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC this June.

Prepare for the return of football gaming taken to the extreme, with more online at the game's websites and hook up with your future Sensi teammates in the forum at


Codemasters Mobile will release Sensible Soccer Skillz, for mobile phones in Q2. Sensible Soccer Skillz brings the intuitive fun of the original 2D football game to your phone in a series of challenges and mini games.


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