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Sennari to launch mobile content loyalty scheme

Sennari has secured $2 million in Series A seed funding, led by Novak Biddle Venture Partners and Blacksmith Capital, to establish a new loyalty services firm for mobile content providers.

The firm will help mobile carriers and content publishers reduce churn, increase network traffic and open up new revenue sources, according to Sennari.

"Over and over I would hear that the number one problem they face is customer loyalty and churn. Either they didn't know who their customers were or they didn't know how to make them part of a value added community with increased revenue potential," said chairman and CEO Bill Barhydt.

"Our goal at Sennari is to create a compelling 'cost of change' for customers, where none currently exists."

Sennari's management and assets have been rolled into the new firm as part of the investment agreement.

"We believe there is a very large market opportunity in mobile phone and mobile infrastructure software and services," said Novak Biddle's Tom Scholl.

"Sennari is creating an exciting product family with an innovative business model which should be advantageous to the entire value chain in this market."

The company will showcase the new project, titled the Mobile Loyalty and Community Services Platform, at this year's E3. Anyone wishing to make an appointment for a preview should contact

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