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Sennari Entertainment Adds ThwartPoker to PrizePlay Mobile Game Series

Carriers Can Now Legally Award Prizes Boosting Customer Loyalty and Increasing Revenue Prospects

LOS ANGELES & LONDON, Nov. 22, 2005 -- Sennari Entertainment, a developer and publisher of connected mobile entertainment and loyalty applications, today announced it has partnered with ThwartPoker Inc. to develop and distribute a mobile phone version of PrizePlay Poker: 6 Card BattleTM by ThwartPoker, the world's first six card stud skill-based poker game to launch under the Sennari PrizePlayTM gaming service.

"Poker is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world. ThwartPoker's skill based poker model combined with the PrizePlay system enables a poker game that is portable, fun, exciting and engaging," said Sennari CEO Bill Barhydt. "A skill-with-prize poker game offers an immediate value to carriers looking to differentiate by adding pay-per-play and in-game prizes to their list of capabilities."

The addition of ThwartPoker furthers Sennari's strategy of partnering with game and content providers to create and launch numerous PrizePlay applications for the mobile gaming market.

ThwartPoker's revolutionary new approach to poker adds skill and strategy to the game allowing users to pick the cards they want in order to build the best five-card hand to beat live or virtual opponents.

"By making ThwartPoker's 6 Card Battle game available through Sennari's easy-to-use PrizePlay platform we're able to quickly and easily extend our game to mobile carriers worldwide and reach millions of potential new users," said Daniel Pfeiffer, co-founder of ThwartPoker Inc. "Carriers in turn can offer their customers the only mobile poker game that can legally award prizes in every single game played while also improving customer loyalty and increasing average revenue per user."

The PrizePlay gaming service features the first catalog of mobile games with the opportunity to win a prize in every game. PrizePlay games all use a pay per play model and encourage repeat play and viral game distribution while offering a complete and turnkey games for prizes solution.

All games support pay for play with virtual arcade style tokens. Players collect points, called Bling, for winning a game. Bling can be redeemed for prizes using the PrizePlay Rewards Service directly from the mobile phone or via the web.

Sennari's PrizePlay Poker: 6 Card Battle is scheduled for launch in Q1 2006 on major carriers in North America and Europe.

About Sennari:

Sennari is the industry's first mobile loyalty and CRM platform that provides mobile carriers, and content companies with solutions for reducing churn and creating new revenue streams. Sennari's services enable all forms of consumer relationships within mobile applications including transaction enablement, rewards programs and prize-based applications. Learn more at

About ThwartPoker Inc.:

ThwartPoker Inc. is a developer, publisher and distributor of interactive card games, and is known for its casual, skill-based class of card games named ThwartPoker. The company offers the next evolution of traditional poker, made possible by its patented software that eliminates the randomness of regular poker -- and replaces it with skill. ThwartPoker games are skill-based and therefore do not violate U.S. federal gambling law. ThwartPoker games are played at A mobile hold'em version of ThwartPoker was made possible through the company's licensing deal with Infospace Mobile -- that has titled the version Hold'em Poker+ For PrizesTM. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. To learn more about ThwartPoker Inc. visit

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