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Senet Entertainment, Xequted Announce International Event Marketing Partnership

North American and European Premium Gaming Event Organizers Join Forces

Issue Date: 6th December 2004

Senet Entertainment, a North American provider of videogame event marketing services, and Xequted, a UK-based producer of game events and media content, have entered into an agreement to collaborate on a range of online and offline events for their combined European and North American markets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Senet Entertainment will provide logistics, technology, and local marketing support for US-based PC- and console-based game events and tournaments. Xequted will contribute marketing and media relations expertise to these events, as well as coordination with European venues and publishers.

"Xequted's extensive industry network and presence in the UK and Europe is a tremendous asset," said Jason Anderson, CEO of Senet Entertainment. "We're very excited about this new partnership, and look forward to introducing our services to Xequted's audience. Both Senet and Xequted have demonstrated a commitment to creating premium events, and I believe our combined potential is even greater."

"To say we are thrilled with this partnership is an understatement" Says Richard Stowey, Head of Creative of Xequted "The initial step of working with Senet Entertainment brings about a promising start to and a positive future for both parties. We are constantly looking towards the future and we hope to elevate more people's gaming, and deliver more mainstream tournaments to everyone."

"With Senet Entertainment's and Xequted collaboration to move forward with our partnership agreement adds clear and distinctive set of goals which we aim to achieve for gamers" Says Luke Newcombe, Head of Communications of Xequted "By utilizing our broad range of contacts in a number of industry's we have set a high standard of development with mainstream real world events."

Several initial collaborations are already underway as a result of the new partnership, including events at several high profile film festivals, the expansion of Xequted's Last Man Standing tournament series into North America, and other events to be announced.

About Senet Entertainment

Headquartered in Berkeley, California, Senet Entertainment provides portable digital entertainment venues for private parties, corporate functions, trade shows, and other events and celebrations. Founded in 2003, Senet's flagship services include the GameHexTM portable Internet gaming cluster and the MobileTheatreTM private theater system. The company offers sales and support throughout the United States.

Jason Anderson - CEO

001 (510) 868 0205

About Xequted

Founded in May 2003 as an online gaming community concept, Xequted is a leading gaming and digital entertainment portal serving the games community. Headquartered in Bristol, England with editorial and journalistic presence across the United Kingdom and the United States, the company sponsors a variety of game events including the Last Man Standing tournaments and also sponsoring a number of gaming clans.

European Contact:

Luke Newcombe - Head of Communications

+44 (0)7905 494 089

Richard Stowey - Head of Creative Department

+44 (0)7813 133491

North American Contact:

Mike Thompson - Head of Public Relations

001 (925) 528 9335

Eric Paulson - Business Development/Press Correspondent

001 (510) 469 4557


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