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Sega's Q1 profits "better than expected"

More positive news for the once troubled Japanese giant as its hits pre-tax profit of £13.6 million profit on sales of £219.8 million...

Sega has revealed better than expected pre-tax profits of 2.63 billion yen (£13.6 million) for the three months to June 30 2003, on sales of 42.37 billion yen.

Given that it was a relatively quiet quarter by Sega's standards, the results have come as something of a surprise from a company that almost drowned in red ink not so long ago.

During the period, the firm returned to full European publishing duties, releasing the likes of Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution on PS2, Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut on the Cube and Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II on Xbox, while Atari continued to handle its GBA titles.

The current quarter schedule is relatively quiet, with Otogi: Myth Of Demons on Xbox, and The King Of Route 66 on PS2 due in September, but the third quarter should be a busy one, with Sonic Heroes on PS2, Xbox and Cube, as well as the potentially huge Worms 3D (all formats), and new Yuji Naka-developed title Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg (Cube), as well as a plethora of supporting titles.

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