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Sega: "Six brand new games at E3"

A Sega spokesperson confirmed today that the company would show around six brand new games at E3 this year, although a new 3D Sonic title will not be among them.

Sega will show "around six brand new games" at E3 this year, a spokesperson for the company confirmed today, although top level talk has confirmed that a new 3D Sonic game will not be among them.

In addition, none of the expected Sammy titles will appear at the event.

"There are currently no plans for Sammy Japan titles at E3," said the spokesperson. "It's mainly an SOE and SOA show. Sega Japan is distributing for Sammy, and at the moment we're only distributing for Sammy in Europe."

Sega is also believed to be lining up a first showing of its PSP and Nintendo DS games, although no confirmation has been forthcoming today.

"You'll have to wait and see," said the spokesperson.

The news will come as welcome relief to Sega fans, although the news that no Sonic game will be shown will come as a blow. Sources close to the company also hinted today that product buy-outs could be announced at the Californian expo.

"There are a few things they're working on from a product acquisitions point of view," said one. "E3 is definitely the desired stage for announcing them."

Mood at Sega is believed to be buoyant following a recent confirmation of what is apparently an extremely strong E3 product line-up. Come on the Sega.

More E3 Sega details as we can extract them from those in the know.

Updated 06/05/2004 - Clarified statements regarding product acquisitions.

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