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Sega hooks up with McDonalds in Germany

McDonalds Happy Meals are set to feature a range of LCD mini-games based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Monkey Ball, thanks to a new deal signed by Sega Europe with McDonalds Germany.

The promotion runs from August 29 until Septembr 25, and features six different LCD games. It will be supported with in-store promotional materials and television commercials throughout the period.

Earlier this year, McDonalds in the USA ran a similar promotion in partnership with Sega; as yet, however, no plans to bring the toys to the UK or any of the rest of Europe have been revealed.

"Sega is delighted to be working with McDonaldâs to bring some of its best loved characters to a new and wider audience," commented Sega Europe marketing director Matthew Woodley. "In this exciting period of growth for SEGA, partnerships with well-established and respected brands such as McDonald's provide excellent opportunities for both sides to increase their customer offering."

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