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Sega appoints new core PR agency

Sega Europe has announced the appointment of its core PR agency, with Hill & Knowlton Consumer Tech taking responsibility for the company's press office, games review programme and corporate representation.

The appointment follows a competitive pitch process, and takes effect from this month, and the first games to be handled by the PR firm will be The King of Route 66 on PS2 and Otogi: Myth of Demons on the Xbox, both of which arrive on shelves in September.

"I wanted to review the ntire PR strategy to focus on our new company agenda," explained Sega Europe PR boss Asam Ahmad. "My initial direction was to look for a smaller, 'boutique' agency where the SEGA account would be a major part of the agency's business, however the H&K Consumer Tech team demonstrated understanding, enthusiasm and focus for our business. I am confident they will be able to help drive forward the 'New SEGA' communications programme."

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