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See what happens when a hen goes on the warpath


Dale City, Va. - Nov. 18, 2004 - With the holidays approaching, poultry is seeing a spike in popularity. You'll think twice before having bird for dinner, though, after playing Revenge of the Chicken, a new game from Alawar Entertainment ( Drawing inspiration from the arcade classic, Centipede, Revenge of the Chicken challenges players to mow down hordes of ravenous beasts.

Players control a humble hen who takes up arms when fork-wielding creatures attack her home. Equipped with a simple pea shooter, and later fortified with a chain gun and rocket propelled grenades, the hen shoots down enemies while moving along the bottom of the screen. When a bullet hits home, the creature turns into a green cactus.

While each wave of enemies is tougher than the last, shooting a yellow cactus exposes a bonus that gives the hen the upper wing. Pickups include a bulletproof vest, coins, a points multiplier and more.

One of the highlights of Revenge of the Chicken is its cel shaded 3D animation. The artists used the technology to give life to such goofy creatures as the Roller, which reels a spike-ridden bulldozer onto the screen, and the Jumper, which hops along the bottom of the display on a coil of spring. Players will also enjoy the hen's silly victory animations.

Additional features include three difficulty levels, the option to play in a window, boss battles and a special Timed Mode. The full version of Revenge of the Chicken contains 25 levels, each with multiple waves of enemies.

Visit to view screenshots, download a demo and purchase the full version of Revenge of the Chicken.

About Alawar Entertainment

Alawar Entertainment has been publishing and distributing PC games on the Internet since 1998. The company also runs a network of online game stores and supplementary businesses ranging from a game banner network to a newsletter service. Additionally, Alawar is working closely with leading gaming portals such as Real One Arcade, Shockwave, Big Fish Games and others. The company's developer partners include Dream Dale, Alias Worlds, Oxxo Media, Media Research Group, I-Nova Games Team and more.


David Laprad

Alawar Entertainment


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