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Secure Multi-Player State Engine Released with Python Support - SecurePlay Version 2.5 for Windows, Linux, and Java

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2005 -- IT GlobalSecure announces the release of its updated secure, multi-player state engine, SecurePlay Version 2.5. SecurePlay is the only game engine product on the market today built from the ground up to fight cheating. SecurePlay's design assumes hackers have compromised all of our code and yours and still stop many forms of cheating. SecurePlay 2.5 has added Python scripting support as well as two new secure state engines. SecurePlay includes integrated networking and is fully interoperable across Windows, Linux, and Java.

"Building games is getting harder and more expensive," according to Cheryl S. Campbell, President of IT GlobalSecure, "SecurePlay 2.5 with Python support makes it easy to rapidly build or prototype network games knowing that security is there from day one."

SecurePlay's underlying technology provides secure building blocks to easily create virtually any kind of game securely. From casual card and dice games to advanced role-playing games, sports games, and real-time shooters, SecurePlay delivers the essential network state engine components. In addition to Python support, SecurePlay 2.5 has added two new transactions: Act, for real-time fighting and action games and Synchronized Random, for rapidly generating distributed random events.

"Security may be important for publishers and carriers, but it is a pain for developers," stated Steven Davis, CEO of IT GlobalSecure, "By making it easy to build games securely, SecurePlay reduces the development risks associated with network games."

Network-enabled and multiplayer games generate, on average, 10 to 40 percent more sales than single player titles. This substantial market boost is at risk from the complexity of network game development and cheating. SecurePlay helps reduce both of these risks.

SecurePlay software makes multi-player, network game development easier through its powerful, intuitive, programming interface. Underneath the hood, SecurePlay implements a suite of cryptographic protocols to stop many kinds of cheating and piracy.

IT GlobalSecure has delivered advanced IT security products and services to clients worldwide since 2000. IT GlobalSecure and its affiliates hold U.S. and International patents for SecurePlay technology plus additional patents pending in transaction protection, financial security, anti-piracy/DRM. Visit for SecurePlay products.

Inquiries: SecurePlay Marketing, or Call: +1.202.332.5106.

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Contact: Dolly Altman

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