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Secure Multi-Player State Engine Released – SecurePlay Version 2.1 for Windows, Linux, and Java

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2005 -- - IT GlobalSecure announces the release of its updated secure, multi-player state engine, SecurePlay Version 2.1. SecurePlay is the only game engine product on the market today that protects against cheating and piracy. Major cheating and piracy incidents are happening regularly costing game developers and publishers customers and dollars. SecurePlay 2.1 includes integrated networking and is fully interoperable between C++ in Windows and Linux and Java to provide network game developers with complete flexibility.

"Networked and multi-player games are the key to the growth of the video games industry," according to Cheryl S. Campbell, President of IT GlobalSecure, "SecurePlay 2.1 gives game developers and publishers maximum flexibility to develop peer-to-peer or client-server games with full confidence that their games will be protected."

SecurePlay's underlying technology, with its patent just issued in China, provides secure building blocks to easily create any kind of game securely. >From casual card and dice games to advanced role-playing games, sports games, and real-time shooters, SecurePlay delivers the essential state engine elements to protect any game. Later this spring, SecurePlay will be adding integrated anti-piracy technology and Python integration to simplify development further.

"Our goal for SecurePlay is to make building games securely as easy as possible," stated Steven Davis, CEO of IT GlobalSecure, "The cost of game development is going through the roof. Better security will help game developers save money and time and game publishers protect revenue."

The SecurePlay software makes multi-player, network game development easier through its powerful, intuitive, programming interface. Underneath the hood, SecurePlay implements a suite of cryptographic protocols to stop many kinds of cheating and piracy.

IT GlobalSecure has delivered advanced IT security products and services to clients worldwide since 2000. IT GlobalSecure and its affiliates hold U.S. and International patents for SecurePlay technology plus additional patents pending in transaction protection, financial security, anti-piracy/DRM. Visit http://www.secureplay.com for SecurePlay products.

Inquiries: SecurePlay Marketing, or Call: +1.202.332.5878.

Web Sites: http://www.secureplay.com, and http://www.itglobalsecure.com

Contact: Dolly Altman

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