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Second of the three races revealed: the forester

Forester Concept

Created of plant, beast and magic, the children of the forest wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of the three dominant races of Equiada. Lacking crafts and any type of technology, the Foresters rely on nature for everything, using magic to twist plants into structures, create traps to foil their enemies or call sturdy creatures to crush their foes.

Resource Gathering

Foresters use Gold Plants to extract gold from deposits, making it available for the workers to carry to the Town Hall. To gather gems, on the other hand, the Foresters require that a Magic Well be built near the gem deposit. When they are sent to collect gems will automatically store them in the magic well.

Floral Regeneration

Bearing a link with nature, Forester structures have the ability to regenerate with time - as long as the building is not completely dead it would restore its health on its own. However, there doesn't exist any other way a building could restore its health.

Moon Hunters

Living in the deep woods, some of the beasts in the Forester Alliance have mastered themselves as skillful hunters. Some of them have attained such skill in hunting that they have received the most special of weapons - the Moon Blades, allowing them to hit multiple enemies from a distance. These fearsome hunters have proven themselves to be as good on the battlefield as they are during the hunt.

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