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Second Annual Luxtoberfest Contest and Celebration

For Immediate Release

Sillysoft Games has announced the start of the second annual Luxtoberfest contest and celebration. The month-long festival runs through October and forms the yearly championship for the community surrounding the downloadable strategy game Lux.

Luxtoberfest features special events on every October weekend, starting and ending with Tournaments of Champions between the current highest-ranked players. Later weekends will include team play tournaments, map reviews, "Twitch Lux," "Memory Lux," and the grand finale award ceremonies.

All events will take place at 9 PM GMT time / 4 PM Eastern time / 1 PM Pacific time in a public network game of Lux marked with Luxtoberfest according to this schedule:

Saturday 1st - Luxtoberfest 2005 opening Tournament of Champions.

Sunday 2nd - Team-play tournament.

Saturday 8th - Luxtoberfest map review: play the best maps of 2005.

Sunday 9th - Twitch Lux tournament: 8 second turn time games.

Saturday 15th - Team-play tournament.

Sunday 16th - Hexathon tournament: featuring all your favorite hex maps.

Saturday 22nd - Memory Lux tournament: all players have the same color.

Sunday 23rd - History night: a journey through the historically based

maps of Lux.

Saturday 29th - Tournament of Champions.

Sunday 30th - Luxtoberfest 2005 closing award ceremonies.

The grand finale of Luxtoberfest will be the October 30th award ceremonies where the winners of the yearly Lux prizes are announced. All players are asked to email their votes to lux@sillysoft.net before the end of October in the following categories:

Best Map (eligible maps: http://sillysoft.net/contests/2005maps.php)

Best AI (eligible AIs: http://sillysoft.net/contests/2005ais.php)

Best Host

Most Entertaining Player

Most Sportsmanlike Player

Rookie of the Year (only players who were around for last year's

Luxtoberfest may vote for this)

Most Strategic Players (Lifetime Achievement)

Statistical prizes will also be distributed for:

Luxtoberfest Highest Ranking October Players

Most Wins

Most 6 Human Wins

Most 6 Human Wins on Non-Classic Maps

Sillysoft has gathered together of varied group of prizes for award winners. The generosity of these strategic minded software vendors is much appreciated:

Audio Hijack www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/

Record any audio playing on your computer into a file for future use on Mac OS X.

BBEdit www.barebones.com/products/bbedit/index.shtml

The leading professional HTML and text editor for Mac OS X. It doesn't suck.

Blaze Media Pro www.mystikmedia.com/blazemediapro.asp

A powerhouse all-in-one multimedia software offering conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, and much more. Available for Windows.

Delicious Library www.delicious-monster.com

Catalog, browse, and share all your books, movies, music, and video games with the award winning Delicious Library for Mac OS X.

Democracy www.democracygame.com

A detailed political simulation game: try your hand as the president (or prime-minister) of a modern country. Available for Windows.

Desperate Space www.jaggedbladesoft.com/desperate

Experience huge battles in this asteroids style space shooter game. Available for Windows.

DROD: Journey to Rooted Hold


Swordplay and puzzles combine in this thinking man's dungeon crawl game. Available for Windows and Linux (with a Mac OS X version coming soon).

Gish www.chroniclogic.com/index.htm?gish.htm

Award winning platformer game where you control a ball of tar on his quest to rescue his girlfriend. Available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

IconWorkshop http://axialis.com/iconworkshop

A professional quality icon editor for Windows.

Lux http://sillysoft.net

The strategy game you know and love. Get a friend hooked today on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux.

Pax Galaxia http://sillysoft.net/pax

Simple and fun real-time strategy game for Mac OS X and Windows.

Sillysoft Swag www.cafepress.com/sillysoft

Get your very own Lux shirt, hat or beer stein. Lux can take over even more of your life!

Trash www.inhumangames.com

A 3D real-time strategy game based in a post-apocalyptic future. The surviving humans and mutants battle for control of the primary resource: trash. Available for Windows.

See you at Luxtoberfest!



Sillysoft Games is an independent developer of downloadable computer strategy games. Their flagship game Lux was one of the 2005 Independent Games Festival finalists. For more info contact lux@sillysoft.net or see http://sillysoft.net.

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Joseph Lieberman


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