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Season5 Gaming Officially Launches Revolutionary Skill Gaming Platform

28 June 06, LONDON: Opening their doors to operators, Season5 Gaming announced today the launch of their innovative skill-based gaming platform. Brandishing an industry first, they present true multiplayer tournaments amongst other unique features.

The competitive advantage of Season5 Gaming's offering is the plasticity it offers. Season5 Gaming provides players with a unified online platform to play live skill-based games. Game types include multiplayer games, single-player tournaments for "progressive" prize pools and as an industry first, the platform holds true multiplayer tournaments. All games types include both a wagered or non-wagered option.

Season5 Gaming director, Karen Mc Dade commented, "We are at a stage where we feel confident entering the market with a product that is dynamic in its offering to potential operators, appealing to investors and utterly engaging for gamers."

Season5 Gaming was hailed as "the newest independent skills kid on the block and playing hardball, with some fantastic new games and some cult favourites that are guaranteed to be a (profitable) hit!" six months ago during beta testing of the platform.

Since then, Season5 Gaming has further refined its offering with an exceptional combination of skill-based games and an impressive roadmap of future games for their platform. The company provides an ideal opportunity for online gaming operators to increase their portfolio and earnings potential by advertising in regions previously off limits to gambling operators.

In the past month the company has released two new games, Poker Solitaire and Gin Rummy. This adds to the gamut of games already under the Season5 Gaming banner, including: Ro Sham Bo (Rock Paper Scissors), Ship Battle, Chess, Octoneuro and Acromania.

Mc Dade continues, "Season5 Gaming is pushing the envelope of the skill gaming industry by pioneering new ways for players to compete with one another in a safe, engaging and community driven environment. By allowing our players to compete in standard cash games as well as sit & go and small to large scheduled tournaments, we believe that our technology creates a platform that gaming operators can utilise to acquire new players, as well as provide new gaming opportunities to their existing player base.

"Our platform is focused around player interaction and community, as we understand that a strong player community means high player retention for our operators. Due to the flexibility of the software engine, the platform permits 3rd party game developers to create new games as well as port their existing 'well known' titles over to our platform. This will enable third party developers to increase their bottom line through revenue share by providing their product with further exposure to the market."

Although a relatively new industry, skill-based gaming has fast growing interest among internet gamers and gamblers. The industry is projected to grow substantially within the next few years.

Skill Extreme (, an established operator that has facilitated the testing of Season5 Gaming's platform had over 130 beta testers, trialling and testing the software from mid February.

Mc Dade concludes, "We view the Season5 Gaming platform as the 3rd Generation of skill gaming. First generation games were simple online single-player games that offered players little sense of achievement or challenge. Second generation games are a hybrid of the previous generation integrating more intense use of html based gambling systems on the market. Most of these systems are developed in Java or Flash, and although they are very accessible, they are also subject to limitations, incompatibilities with client hardware and security issues. Our third generation skill gaming platform provides a scalable network of gaming services with a downloadable client that can be easily customised for each gaming operation in terms of skin, gaming content and integration services with existing gaming platforms. Our platform also provides players with everything they would expect from a skill gaming system such as dynamic player ranking, quick and easy access to engaging games, a powerful community focus and multiplayer tournaments.

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