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Seal Online: Eternal Destiny

Hunter character class unveiled.

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. – February 15, 2011 – Online PC game publisher YNK Interactive today announced an upcoming update to their Anime MMORPG, Seal Online: Eternal Destiny, with the new Hunter class, set to be released March 8, 2011.

“The Hunter class will add a new dynamic to the existing 6 classes,” said Dae Kim, Project Manager of YNK Interactive.  “With its special abilities and unique skills, it will add a new exciting element in Seal Online’s already fun and quirky world of Shiltz.”

The Hunter is the 7 th addition to the classes that make up Seal Online: Eternal Destiny, which include the Warrior, Knight, Mage, Priest, Jester, and Craftsman.  The Hunter’s skills are a combination of physical and magical attacks which players can develop based on their character’s strength and intelligence, that transition into the 2 nd tiered class of either Archer or Gunner.

New skills and weapons will be released with the Hunter class, along with new bales (in game monsters) and NPCs (in game characters) leading to more adventure for players to embark upon.  Seal Online: Eternal Destiny will launch the new class with several events and contests including a GoCash sponsored event where players who create a new Hunter character in the first week of launch will get a chance to win.

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About YNK Interactive

YNK Interactive – the newest addition to the YNK family – is a subsidiary of YNK Korea, one of Korea’s largest online game developers and publishers since 1998. Based in Orange County, California, YNK Interactive’s mission is to publish localized versions of well-designed and high quality game titles from YNK Korea.  YNK Interactive’s MMO games include R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud, Seal Online: Evolution, and K.O.S.-Secret Operations, along with Mech Tech and Mir2 featured in the DONTBLYNK portal.


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