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Scream in the Dark

"Interactive B-movie" pitting iPhone owners against a serial killer.

Little Worlds Studio is proud to announce "Scream in the Dark" on iPhone, the first interactive film for B-movie fans!

Can you do better than all those teens slaughtered en masse in horror films?

In "Scream In The Dark," you must escape the clutches of a mysterious serial killer by making the right choices at the right time.

It's the first episode of an interactive series in which you are the hero.

Finally, you can play a bimbo in a Z movie and perhaps survive longer than 5 minutes...

Test your friends too and compare your survival instincts using a scoring system.


- Exclusive choice system throughout the film for a unique interactive experience.

- Original graphic style.

- Interactive film with more than 20 minutes of video.

- Bonus to unlock.

- Saving system for high scores.

- Vote for who will be the next baddie in Episode 2.

- Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Vote on Facebook for the next serial killer you’d like to see in Episode 2!

Igor: See his hammer? Your nuts are gone!

Helmut: Schwarzwald Chainsaw massacre? No more bush!

Logan: Rock, axe and fun!

YOUR choice will determine the badass to defeat in the next episode.

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