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Scratches Original Soundtrack now available!

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA - October 31, 2006.

True to their tradition of releasing something on Halloween, Nucleosys Digital Studio is making available the soundtrack to the highly successful adventure horror game, Scratches. With exquisite artwork and over 50 minutes of sheer aural terror, the Scratches Original Soundtrack is the ideal way to remembering the visit to Blackwood Manor.

The orchestral compositions reminiscent of classic horror movies, which were carefully crafted by Cellar of Rats, are great companions to wild funerals, but they also happen to be suitable music for parties as well. From the memorable tune that played when foot was first set upon the decaying old house, to the chilling visits to the basement, every part of the Scratches experience is here!

For details on how to buy and further information about the soundtrack, such as track listing, please point your browsers to the Nucleosys Digital Studio website:

About Nucleosys Digital Studio

Founded in Argentina by Agustin Cordes and Alejandro Graziani, Nucleosys Digital Studio is committed to creating quality adventure games. Beyond merely telling a story, Nucleosys Digital Studio wants gamers to live it with compelling stories, immersive atmospheres, and organic challenges. As a point of interest, the recently released Scratches was the first commercial adventure game ever made in Argentina.

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About Cellar of Rats

Cellar of Rats is a professional sound designer, composer and producer. Based in dark and obscure soundscapes, the production features sampled orchestras, score sound design and special sound effects, and audio post-production. Cellar of Rats is in charge of the moody Scratches soundtrack and has also produced the soundtrack for the upcoming horror movie Ray of Darkness.

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