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Scourge of War - Gettysburg

American Civil War game gets an update.

August 25, 2010 - Norb Software Development, Inc. announces that the first official software patch for "Scourge of War - Gettysburg" has been released. The patch brings the game to version 1.10. This patch repairs a number of minor bugs and adds some new features to the game. Among these are:

- A new map called Alpine. This map is four times the size of the previous maps and has some interesting and hilly terrain. An excellent map for multi-corps battles.

- A number of improvements to the multiplayer experience.

- Three changes on the Gettysburg maps to improve historical accuracy.

- The addition of the first tutorial to the demo.

- Improved courier system for sending and receiving orders.

- Expanded modding capabilities.

- Improved artillery accuracy and behavior.

- Significantly improved game sounds.

- Improved performance in the historical scenarios and in Sandbox games.

- Additional improvements to enhance the ability of the AI to beat you like a drum.

- In total, there are over 110 total new features and bug fixes for the game.

The demo version available on the Scourge of War website at: http://www.scourgeofwar.com/downloads.shtml is now at version 1.10.

Current owners of the game may download the official patch from the same page, http://www.scourgeofwar.com/downloads.shtml.

NorbSoftDev is an independent game company made up of Civil War fanatics! Formed in 2006 by former developers of the Take Command series, NSD has taken the 18th Century Combat engine to the next level by adding multiplayer, making the maps larger, and the AI smarter! Scourge of War Gettysburg is the first release in their series of Civil War battle recreations. With a cartographers eye, they recreate the historical battlefields and the men that fought there. With its main office in New Jersey, NSD is a virtual company consisting of game veterans from all over the globe.

Company website: http://www.norbsoftdev.com.

Additional information: Jim@norbsoftware.com


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