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SCi extends Tomb Raider, Hitman licensing to casinos

British publisher SCi has announced that it is to extend licenses for two of Eidos' most successful franchises - Tomb Raider and Hitman - to a variety of gambling ventures, both online and in casinos.

Lara Croft and Agent 47 will be adorning gambling products, including video slot games both online and offline, created by gambling software provider Microgaming, in a deal which extends Microgaming's previous licensing of the Tomb Raider brand.

Microgaming will be focusing mostly on basing products around the recently released, and very successful, Tomb Raider Legend title, as well as creating new products based on Agent 47 and the new Hitman game, Hitman: Blood Money.

SCi has also done a deal which will see the Tomb Raider branded slot gambling game being made available on mobile devices, with wireless casino provider Spin3 being awarded the exclusive rights for this.

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