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SCi confirms Galleon for June launch

British publisher SCi has announced that Xbox adventure title Galleon is now scheduled for release in June of this year - a further small slippage for the oft-delayed title, which was previously scheduled for spring.

Galleon is the creation of Toby Gard, who is best known for designing the Lara Croft character while working for Core Design - and indeed, this will be his first title since he departed from the Tomb Raider franchise.

The game, a third person action adventure game set across six islands and promising around 40 hours of gameplay, has been in development for several years, and will be published exclusive on the Microsoft Xbox.

As you might expect from the creator of the iconic Ms Croft, Galleon is focused on a strong central character - the "tall, dark and handsome" action hero Rhama, who Gard describes as a "completely new type of hero."

"Men will identify with his heroism and wit and the girls will want him," he explained, although for the male audience there's also the promise of two female sidekicks who will undoubtedly share some of Lara's more, ah, pneumatic qualities...

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