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Schanz International Consultants (SIC) will be exhibiting at GC 2006 in Leipzig/Germany at Business Center/Halle 2, D41

Deidesheim, July 20 2006

SIC will exhibit for the first time at GC 2006 and will present its portfolio to publishers and press in pre-scheduled meetings. Amongst the titles will be the unique RPG, "Grotesque - Heroes Hunted" (, and Action Adventure "The Shadow of Aten" (

The titles have already received much attention by both, publishers and press and SIC expects to identify interested publishers for both titles during the four day at GC in Leipzig.

About Schanz International Consultants:

Schanz International Consultants is a leading specialist in licensing services between developers & publishers in the industry since 1998. A dedicated and experienced professional team maintains an active networking to ensure efficiency that goes far beyond the traditional definitions of licensing services.

For developers, SIC manages strategic solutions and promotion of product amongst press and publishers, negotiations, closure of meaningful deals and project management. Publishers can count on a wide spectrum of games at all times on various platforms to consider for acquisition.

For more on SIC -

For more information please contat us any time:

Schanz International Consultants

Dirk Dingler

Product & PR Manager

phone.... +49 6326 6010

fax......... +49 6326 7241


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