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Scaleform GFx

Used in four of Kinect's launch titles.


GREENBELT, MD – November 23, 2010– Scaleform® Corporation (Scaleform), the leading provider of Flash®-based middleware and user interface (UI) solutions for the videogame and consumer electronic industries, today announced that four launch titles for Kinect for Xbox 360®, Microsoft’s hardware-free motion sensing controller, are utilizing Scaleform GFx to rapidly create rich, interactive user interfaces for their Kinect-enabled games. The titles include Kinect Sports developed by Rare, Kinectimals by Frontier Developments Ltd., Kinect Joy Ride by BigPark and finally Kinect Adventures by Good Science which is also bundled with every Kinect unit sold.

“The diverse functionality of the various sports in Kinect Sports, coupled with the new, Kinect way of interacting with a game, demanded a robust and flexible system of menus, heads-up displays and interfaces,” said Salvatore Fileccia, Lead Project Manager at Rare, developer for Kinect Sports. “Scaleform’s ease-of-use, Flash based development model, allowed us to rapidly develop and iterate our game’s UI, which greatly reduced production time and allowed us to increase the overall quality of the UI in our game.”

Kinect provides an exciting and unique way to interface with not only games, but all manner of multimedia offered through the Xbox 360. Using advanced motion sensing technology, Kinect captures a digital skeleton of players based on depth data and uses that information to drive character actions in a game. What’s more, built-in voice recognition enables players to interact with games without using any hardware. Both the motion sensing and the voice recognition technology can be used to control displays, menus, and interfaces that have been designed with Scaleform GFx.

“We’re thrilled to be used in Microsoft’s launch titles for Kinect,” said Brendan Iribe, cofounder, president and CEO of Scaleform. “The launch of Kinect begins a new era in how players interact with games. Scaleform GFx augments that experience by enabling developers to quickly design and iterate far more innovative interfaces that draw players further into the gaming experience.”

For more information about Scaleform GFx, visit More information on Kinect and the titles that launched with it can be found at


About Scaleform Corporation

Scaleform is the leading provider of user interface software for the videogame and consumer electronic industries. Scaleform GFx enables developers to leverage the power of the Adobe® Flash® tool set and to streamline the creation of highly immersive user interface elements such as hardware-accelerated 3D game menus, HUDs, animated textures, in-game videos and mini-games.

Used across all major platforms in 700+ games ranging from AAA to casual titles, the artist-driven Scaleform GFx has grown to include a complete Flash UI toolkit and framework, memory and performance analyzers, and add-ons for Flash video and IME for Asian chat. For more information, visit

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