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Santa's Going "Down in Flames"

...and he brought a bunch of surprises! and Dan Verssen Games are happy to announce a large free x-mas update for their air combat STRATEGY game DOWN IN FLAMES!

We've saved up a few goodies/free updates in order to release them all in one go in a large x-mas bundle. Just like the regular bi-monthly updates, this bundle is completely free and immediately available via the auto-update feature of the game. (requires the full version)

The x-mas bundle includes:

- four (!) new campaigns (see below for details)

- one set of updated animations for the F4F Wildcat

- a WHOLE NEW PLANE: the Brewster Buffalo

- and new fatigue rules for pilots as well as a few small bug fixes, too.

The four campaigns are:

Greece - Operation Marita: the last part of the German offensive in the Balkans

Crete - Operation Merkur: Germany's biggest and last airborne operation of the war (includes the new Buffalo aircraft)

Malta - Operation Herkules: The German plan to remove the threat of British based fighter aircraft being able to hinder the supply of Rommel's Afrika Korps.

Leyte Gulf - Operation Sho-Go: one of the greatest sea battles to ever take place.

The x-mas bundle is available immediately for those with the full version of the game.

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