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SanDisk, EA partnership provides exclusive game content for Madden PSP

In an exclusive deal with games publisher EA, flash card producer SanDisk announces the release of memory sticks containing bonus content, for use in a PSP-specific gameplay mode of Madden NFL 06.

In an exclusive deal with publishing giant EA, flash card producer SanDisk has announced the release of memory sticks containing bonus content for use in a PSP-specific gameplay mode of Madden NFL 06.

The deal covers memory sticks distributed throughout North America, and the cards will ship with a feature called Game Save included. When EA's latest version of Madden NFL is played, gamers will have instant access to 100 points to unlock features for the PSP gameplay mode 'Assistant Coach Franchise'.

Normally, players would acquire the points for the exclusive PSP mode by performing well in the main game, but the new SanDisk deal will provides an easy head-start towards unlocking additional features.

Todd Sitrin, vice president of marketing at EA said: "Since the Sony PSP relies on flash memory cards to store game data from each play session, we saw the logic of bundling Game Saves with the cards to highlight features that are unique to the PSP edition of Madden NFL 06. Consumers who buy the game for the PSP and a SanDisk PRO Duo Game card will get a head start in collecting their points."

SanDisk is the original inventor of flash storage cards, using its patented, high-density flash memory and controller technology.

"As the worldâs largest supplier of flash cards, SanDisk is pleased to join with the worldâs largest independent developer of videogames to bring this special opportunity to consumers," said Nelson Chan, SanDiskâs executive vice president and general manager for consumer and handset business.

The SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo is expected to retail for USD 49.99 for a 256-megabyte card, and USD 114.99 for a 1-gigabyte card. The Madden Game Save feature consumes minimal space on the cards, leaving storage capacity largely unaffected, and there is no additional cost for the bonus content. Plans for any similar distribution partnerships for territories outside the US have not yet been announced.