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Multiplayer online arcade shooter for "focusing on the building blocks of societies" and planned for release on Linux next year.


Stone Mountain, United States -- June 17, 2010 -- Eight Virtues ( http://www.eightvirtues.com) is seeking public funds for the development of Sanctimonia, a multiplayer online game focusing on the building blocks of societies, the beauty and perils of the natural world and arcade style real-time combat. Sanctimonia hopes to reconcile the opposing gameplay mechanics of total freedom and gameplay restrictions to alleviate “griefing” by enabling real-world societal behavior such as the cooperative implementation and enforcement of laws. This will facilitate the creation of simple governments, including constitutions, bills of rights, police, trade law and inter-village diplomacy.


Real-time arcade-style gamepad-optimized gameplay. Orientation rotation, strafing, circle strafing, hand-to-hand and missile combat as basic movements. Detailed building construction using acquired natural resources (no pre-fab buildings; complete player control). Players may collaborate to clear fields and forests or flatten mountain tops to build small villages, castles or grand walled cities. Create group organizations, vote, write legal documents, post public signs and assign duties. Players may create tightly or loosely regulated societies, writing and enforcing whatever laws they choose. Ability to knock opponents unconscious, bind them and move them, allowing for more subtle justice than simply killing an offender. Fully-customizable offline player AI, whether choosing a basic AI template or plotting a detailed weekly schedule with movement paths and other-player interactions. Hunting, mining, skilled trades, buying, selling, trading, contracts. Harvesting, using and combining natural resources with themselves or other objects to create new objects including food, medicine, poison, tools, weapons, building materials and works of art. Confining, breeding and slaughtering livestock. Planting seeds, watering, and adding compost to the soil to nurture crops to fruition. Landscape excavation for construction, farming or defense.

About Eight Virtues:

Eight Virtues is privately owned and operated by husband and wife team Kevin and Maria Fishburne. Headquartered in Stone Mountain, a suburb of Atlanta Georgia, our services extend to the homes, businesses, and government agencies of the continental United States. Kevin Fishburne has been developing games as a hobby since the age of 13, taking his influences from such legendary games as Ultima (IV, V, VI, VII), Might & Magic (I, II), Gauntlet, and NES and arcade action titles.

Game Information:

Title: Sanctimonia

Genre: Multiplayer Online Game

Platform: Linux, Other OS via virtualization (VirtualBox) and LiveCD (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)

Release Date: 2011

Price: Client and server are free under GPL version 2, player subscriptions start at $5 per month.

Minimum System Specifications:

Internet or LAN connection, 3 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, sound card, game pad.


Kevin Fishburne (Lead Developer)

Email: kevinfishburne@eightvirtues.com

Telephone: 770.853.6271

Website: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eightvirtues/sanctimonia

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