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Samurai Jack

Join Samurai Jack on a journey of honour and revenge in this classic action/adventure game.

Samurai Jack is a warrior banished by the shape-shifting wizard, Aku, into the bizarre and twisted future. Bearing his new futuristic name, Jack wanders the land searching for a portal back in time to right the wrongs of the past. He has learned of a mysterious amulet that, when all its pieces are found, will enable him to return to the past.

Help Samurai Jack find the missing pieces of the mysterious Amulet that will allow him to defeat the evil Aku...and save the world from his evil!

  • Based on the popular cartoon from Cartoon Network.
  • Discover vast worlds featuring beautifully detailed graphics and environments.
  • Explore six different lands, each with missions to complete and interweaving storylines.
  • Multiple weapons and a variety of combat moves.

Encounter a variety of interesting characters, some helpful, others intent upon destroying you!

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