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Stealth-Action Video Game Featuring Revolutionary Identity Theft System Premieres in September 2004


Carlsbad, CA - August 25, 2004 - Sammy Studios, Inc., a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment content, today announced that "Spy Fiction" has gone gold. Coming exclusively for the Playstation®2 computer entertainment system, "Spy Fiction" is a fast-paced stealth-action video game that introduces a number of new features and game play mechanics to the genre. Among these innovations is the groundbreaking ability for players to steal and assume the appearance, voice and other identifying traits of characters they encounter in the game. "Spy Fiction" is developed by Access Games, Inc., and is slated to arrive on store shelves beginning September 1, 2004 at an MSRP of $39.99. This game is rated M for Mature by the ESRB for Blood, Language, Sexual Themes and Violence.

"'Spy Fiction' offers a truly original experience that will inject fresh ideas and a great amount of action into the spy game genre," said Tim Pivnicny, Senior VP of Sales & Marketing, Sammy Studios, Inc. "With development of the North American version now completed, gamers should prepare to play a thrilling new take on action-stealth games."

"Spy Fiction" follows Billy Bishop and Sheila Crawford, underground espionage agents on a mission to neutralize a terrorist organization harboring a doomsday device. "Spy Fiction's" unique identity theft system brings a new strategy to stealth, allowing players to take on the identities of nearly every non-playable character they encounter in the game. The feature even plays a key role in the game's thrilling premise, incorporating false identities into an ever-twisting storyline with multiple endings. "Spy Fiction" also introduces numerous new spy gadgets, seamlessly integrates action-oriented mini-games into the game play and provides two playable characters with diverging mission paths for unprecedented variety and replay value in a stealth-action game. The experience is rounded out by great production value, with amazingly detailed 3D graphics and superb visual effects, as well as character designs by famed illustrator Renji Murata's ("The Last Exile" I & II, "Blue Submarine No. 6").

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