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Sales figures set to return in ChartTrack reports

UK software sales monitor ChartTrack is to begin including individual game data in its weekly reports by the end of the year, according to trade magazine MCV.

ChartTrack ceased publishing full sales research five years ago following pressure from retailers - and much to the annoyance of many publishers.

However, now that more and more supermarkets are stocking and selling games, ChartTrack and copyright owner ELSPA have taken the decision to reintroduce the data in time for the busy Christmas period.

"The issue at the minute is something that ChartTrack and BARD are currently looking at together," ELSPA director general Roger Bennett told MCV.

"Certainly it's something that we as an industry are desperate to see again. Access to weekly sales data is something that we've wanted to see return for a long, long time."

"This is something we desperately need as an industry, regardless of how individual companies - retailers or publishers - feel about it."

"Things are looking very encouraging," he concluded.

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