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Sales data returns to UK games chart

Market data firm ChartTrack has announced that weekly sales information will once again be included in the official weekly UK videogames chart for the first time in five years - beginning tomorrow.

The move follows long discussions with the British Association of Record Dealers, which represents entertainment retailers across the UK. According to ChartTrack, these discussions led to the "unanimous approval" of the decision to bring back sales data.

From now on all ChartTrack listings will include the information, starting with the chart published on Tuesday, October 25.

Sales data was originally dropped from the listings after major high street retailer GAME (then trading as Electronics Boutique) objected to the publication of such information, claiming that it handed away much of the market-leading chain's competitive advantage.

However, smaller retailers and publishers disagreed, arguing that the sales data was a valuable tool, and are likely to welcome its return.

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