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SAGA is back, and we don't mean holidays for old people.


Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK - May 23 2005 -, part of the development group signs exclusive world-wide distribution deal with text adventure king Scott Adams., part of the is pleased to unleash Scott Adam's Graphical Adventures (SAGA) to the world through its website at With this licensed, Retro-Soft have the distribution rights to Commodore C64 versions of the classic games from the legendary Adams, author of the first commercial computer game (Adventureland, 1978).

Paul Andrews, founder of Alten8 Ltd group, stated "we are very proud to be allowed to distribute Scott's C64 version games under our Retro-Soft label. Scott is a legend and we cannot wait to bring his original games to a whole new generation. We have an ongoing pipeline of original and ported games, and we are talking to various interested parties about our range of licensed titles."

Text adventures, or 'interactive fiction', has recently become popular again with many gamers around the world going back to their roots. This deal secures and preserves some of the best ever written for a whole new generation to enjoy through the virtue of emulation, and for those 'purists' out there, Retro-Soft are considering releasing the games on real C64 media. More details will be announced soon.

About the Alten8 Ltd group

Set up at the start of 2005, the Alten8 Ltd group are software developers across many hand-held, mobile and portable formats. Part of this group, Retro-Soft, are working towards licensing many classic games to use on emulators and the antique hardware itself.


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About Retro Bytes PR

Retro Bytes PR works with a growing number of small not-for-profit and co-operative software publishers and developers to ensure the best possible publicity for the increasing number of high-quality homebrew software titles released today.


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