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SAGA Breaks Open the New Era of RTS Gaming


Orem, UT, January 10, 2007 - Saga, a new Massively-Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) game from Wahoo Studios, is set to revolutionize the way RTS games are played.

"The biggest innovation happening right now is that battles aren't self-contained anymore You build up your armies and you carry them forward from battle to battle Injecting a little RPG element into your army is the future."

-IGN article entitled "The State of the RTS", April 7, 2006

According to IGN's recent article, the future of RTS is persistency. The present of RTS is playing for a few hours, building a mighty city and army, amassing resources and money, all just to have the session suddenly end in victory or defeat, game over, sorry try again, start from scratch

Saga brings persistency to RTS gaming. You build cities and armies to defend and manage a persistent online kingdom in a persistent fantasy world. When you're offline, your kingdom continues to function; your guild wars progress as your friends and teammates play, your resources continue collecting, your kingdom continues to defend against enemy assassins and espionage missions

"Think World of Warcraft from a thousand feet up instead of having just a character, you own hundreds of troops and fight massive battles against other players," says Jason Faller, Saga Creator and Executive Producer.

Saga's features include military questing, an auction house for trading troops and spells, guild wars, espionage, and more. Kingdoms and armies gain permanent experience that carries forward perpetually for a more realistic and more exciting RTS experience.

Additionally, Saga brings the excitement of collectible gaming to the online environment. Rather than pay subscription fees, in Saga you pay as little or as much as you decide. Just as in collectible card or miniatures games, players can buy 'booster packs' of random troops and spells, which are traded and customized to create the strategic army of choice for each player.

Saga is the future, and for that matter, the not-so-distant future; internal Alpha testing is under way; closed Alpha testing begins late January, signups beginning immediately. Saga is slated for Beta release in Spring 2007. Visit www.playsaga.com for details and further information.

About Wahoo Studios, Inc. - Wahoo Studios is a leading independent developer of PC and console games. Based in Orem, Utah, Wahoo Studios has worked with the top game publishers, creating outstanding titles for all age groups and all platforms. Under their NinjaBee label, Wahoo Studios has also developed several critically acclaimed titles for the Xbox Live Arcade downloadable market.

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