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SAG-AFTRA board unanimously approves new sexual harassment code of conduct

Four Pillars of Change initiative to combat sexual harassment and achieve workplace equality

A new code of conduct on sexual harassment has been unanimously approved by the Screen Actors Guild national board of directors, the organisation has announced.

The board met recently to consider the Four Pillars of Change, a broader program to combat sexual harassment and achieve workplace equality.

Along with new rules and guidelines, the initiative aims to provide education, expand the guild's capacity to intervene on members' behalf, and work with stakeholders in "building bridges and safety nets".

"This initiative provides a critical framework for our collective efforts to further strengthen protections for SAG-AFTRA members who experience harassment in the workplace," said SAG-AFTRA national executive director David White.

"Our comprehensive approach ensures that we stay focused on providing members with clear information, making training available that is relevant and practical, and working with industry partners to expand our tools to intervene and support victims of workplace harassment and assault. We are very excited to engage in this effort."

The full code of conduct can be found here.

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