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Now on sale.

Indie developer Aaron Styles is thrilled to announce that his game S.H.M.U.P, a finalist in GDC China's Independent Games Festival Competition, is now on sale for $1.49USD for three days!

S.H.M.U.P puts you in command of up to fifteen independent ships, defending your wall against a never ending collection of enemies and massive bosses. To aid you in your defence, you have access to a plethora of upgrades and awesome exploding, homing missiles. S.H.M.U.P features chip tune inspired music from Bart Klepka ( and Multifaros ( The game also features Twitter integration and extensive modding capabilities.

Since it's release S.H.M.U.P has received positive press from all over the world. Australian Blooger Vito Cassisi ( praised the "...vibrant arrays of enemy hordes, endless bullets, and enough missiles to make you go nuts". While Peter Rambo from DIY Gamer ( thinks S.H.M.U.P "...feels like a shoot-'em-up without feeling like a game I've played before, and I think that's an impressive accomplishment.". And the Russian gaming magazine Igromania Lite gave it a score of 7.5/10!

Availability and system requirements: S.H.M.U.P requires Windows XP/Vista/7; a 1.5GHz processor; 1GB system memory; a 3D card with Shader Model 2 capability ; .Net 2.0 and Microsoft DirectX 9.0c. Download the demo and buy the full game at

Review copies are available for news sites, blogs, poscasts and print media. Email for more information.

Aaron Styles is an independent developer of PC games and Flash games. After working at Infinite Interactive, he broke out of the industry and decided to join the indie scene making games with new and interesting gameplay mechanics. And then he made S.H.M.U.P instead. Follow his game experiments on his website:

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