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Native GNU/Linux client launched with a contest to celebrate.

PARIS, FRANCE, November 30th, 2010 -- Winch Gate Properties Ltd has announced the release of the official native GNU/Linux client for the massively-multiplayer online science-fantasy role playing game, Ryzom. To celebrate the release, Ryzom is hosting an in-game contest with a grand prize of a ZaReason Terra-HD Netbook.

After releasing Ryzom to the free software community six months ago, with support from the Free Software Foundation, Winch Gate is now officially releasing a native Ryzom client for GNU/Linux game players.

Vianney Lecroart, Chief Technology Officer of Winch Gate said, "Players can now download a ready-to-run version of the Ryzom MMORPG or compile a version for themselves from our source code to create additional clients for their favored GNU//Linux distribution"

To celebrate the release of the native GNU/Linux client Ryzom will host an in-game contest ending January 10th, 2011. The grand prize is a ZaReason Linux Terra-HD Netbook , valued at $450 or the equivalent in cash. The second and third prizes are a one year free subscription to Ryzom. 

To participate, players will have to log into the game and find the seven relevant GNU/Linux artifacts hidden throughout Silan, the starting island. Each of the seven artifacts will test a player's knowledge of Ryzom. The winners will be drawn from the players with the correct answers. Contestants can participate freely in the contest using a free 21-day trial option .

Vianney Lecroart continued, "Making the best Free Software MMORPG engine requires significant time and innovation. We are always looking for enterprising and creative people to enhance the free source code of the game. If you would like to get involved or provide feedback please visit the Ryzom Core Community Portal . If you want to support us you can easily subscribe for a player account. There are a variety of options to choose from ranging from $10.95 for a month to $105.95 for a full year - a saving of $25!"

About Ryzom Core

Winch Gate Properties Ltd released the MMORPG game Ryzom to the free software community the May 6th, 2010. The source code has been released under the terms of the Free Software Foundation's GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3) including all the game high quality professional artistic assets under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike  (CC-BY-SA). Ryzom Core is a platform for developing both Ryzom and new open-source MMORPGs. If you are a developer interested to access the sources of our game you can enter our dedicated Ryzom Core Community Portal and you can obtain our free artistic assets at our Ryzom Asset Repository .

About Ryzom

Ryzom is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing or MMORPG Game set more than 3.000 years in the future, on a living virtual world, beautiful Atys. After creating your own personal avatar you will explore this strange fantastic planet and uncover its mysteries while enjoying an ultimate reality experience.

The game boasts a unique science-fantasy setting, a distinctive and artistic visual style and a sophisticated plot based upon the conflict between two competing supernatural powers. The storyline was awarded "Mmorpg.com Best Story" award. Gameplay is highly adaptive to your personal preferences and the actions/skills system is remarkably distinctive and addictive. 

About Winch Gate

Winch Gate Properties Ltd is the developer and publisher of the massive multiplayer online science fantasy role playing game Ryzom since 2009. Former employees from Nevrax joined the company to continue to work on Ryzom.

For more information contact:

Vianney Lecroart, Chief Technology Officer


irc: #ryzom on irc.freenode.net

Ryzom Game Download: http://www.ryzom.com/en/main_dl.html

Ryzom GNU/Linux Support Forum: http://tinyurl.com/ryzom-linux-support

Ryzom Core Community Portal: http://dev.ryzom.com/

Ryzom Source Code: http://dev.ryzom.com/wiki/ryzom/Getting_Source

Ryzom Artistic Assets: http://media.ryzom.com/ 

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