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MMO goes free to play, new boss introduced.

This patch brings the following:


We are pleased to announce that from now on, players that create a new account can play Ryzom without time or place limits. Instead, free trial accounts are now limited to a maximum level of 125 in all different skills, enabling everyone to sample all aspects of Ryzom and to discover what makes this MMO unique. When you reach level 125 in a skill you can still continue playing, but you will gain no more experience points. The second limitation is storage: you cannot own any mektoub packers, use the inventory of your apartment or take any items from a guild hall. More info...

New Zoraï enemy to fight: "Pei-Ruz the Rotten"

If you want a sneak preview of this new marauder, log in on Wednesday, 9 March at 00:00 GMT. More info...

New Roleplay Event Sequence "Tears of the Emperor"

An event in this sequence will be held on 14 March at 00:00 GMT.


Other changes:

- The visual quality of characters has been improved.

- Mektoub mounts can now store 3 times as much.

- Other small changes you will discover by yourself.

To access the patch forum click here!


About Ryzom:

Ryzom is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing or MMORPG Game set more than 3.000 years into the future, on a living, evolving virtual world: beautiful Atys, where after creating your own personal avatar you will guide it through this strange fantastic planet to uncover its mysteries.

The game boasts a unique science-fantasy setting, a distinctive and artistic visual style and a sophisticated plot based upon the conflict of two mysterious supernatural powers. The storyline was awarded "Mmorpg.com Best Story" award. Gameplay is highly adaptive to your personal preferences and the actions/skills system is remarkably unique, sophisticated and profound.

JOIN US NOW , and discover the hidden mysteries of this world. But be careful; your choices will impact not only you, but the world of Ryzom as well!

Download and Register Here : 21 day FREE trial, Sign up in less than 60 seconds! Enjoy...

The Ryzom Dev Team



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