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RYL: Path of the Emperor Launches Today With Largest MMORPG Tournament Award in Video Game History

Skill-Based Player vs. Player Tournament to Culminate in $1,000,000 Grand Prize

Costa Mesa, CA, (PRWEB) March 17, 2005 - Planetwide Games announced today, St. Patrick's Day 2005, that RYL: Path of the Emperor will be the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to offer a $1,000,000 Grand Prize to the winner of a Player vs. Player Skill-Based Tournament. Players who purchase the pre-order RYL: Path of the Emperor video game either online or in retail stores such as EB Games and Gamestop will be qualified to participate in the tournament in which one player will win the $1,000,000 Grand Prize.

The RYL qualifying tournament will start July 1, 2005 and will end April 30, 2006, culminating in a Final Tournament event to be broadcast live and to take place in conjunction with the E3 Video Game Expo in May 2006.

Planetwide Games is also proud to announce RYL: Path of the Emperor has gone gold, pay to play throughout North America and is available for immediate download at With the support of over 500,000 North American RYL Players and RYL Founder's Guild members who have already downloaded the Open Beta of RYL: Path of the Emperor, Planetwide Games is able to successfully deliver this next generation MMORPG video game with superior graphics and challenging game play.

"Planetwide Games is pleased to be able to bring North American and English-speaking users one of the world's most popular video game properties with 8.2 million registered users worldwide. Early indications are demonstrating that online video game players from around the world cannot wait to show off their game skills and have the opportunity to become the Emperor and win $1,000,000," said Kevin Donovan, President Planetwide Games. "RYL: Path of the Emperor has become a live interactive global community. RYL is also the first fantasy MMORPG to be comprised of true Player vs. Player and Guild vs. Guild action. RYL's 100% realistic 3D gameplay complete with ever changing weather and environmental effects and intuitive combat system is quick and clean allowing players to move more easily through the levels, much more so than in any other MMORPG."

The RYL: Path of the Emperor $1,000,000 Tournament will qualify players who will compete on the RYL Tournament server based upon Top RYL Game scores throughout the year with the qualifying tournament ending April 30, 2006. Interested players can view more details about the tournament rules and regulations at

"RYL: Path of the Emperor is breaking new ground in the Video Game industry by offering a $1,000,000 Player vs. Player Tournament. I am thrilled by Planetwide Games increasing the game play excitement by offering this level of Prize Money," says Nolan Bushnell, Founder of Atari and creator of the very 1st Player vs. Player Video Game, Pong. "Evolution of the industry from Atari's Pong to the Next Generation MMOPRG's such as RYL: Path of the Emperor has shown where the industry has come from and where the state of the art of the Video Game industry is today."

RYL: Path of the Emperor is a persistent universe or role-playing game (RPG). RYL players start off at Level 1, with minimal skills and abilities, but over time they gain experience points, through achievement, which allows them to advance to Level 2, and beyond. As RYL players advance to each level they discover new and stronger skills, which assist them in their ability to try and survive during all encompassing battles against powerful monsters.

In the game, players can choose from 20 character classes and assume the role of a Warrior, Cleric, Mage, and Assassin and then explore the many exotic locations within boundless miles of terrain and virtual real estate.

In RYL: Path of the Emperor players meet other players in a diverse real time environment where thousands of players simultaneously compete and take part in specific quests and missions, fight monsters and other players, battle in Guild vs. Guild duels, buy, sell and trade virtual merchandise, build fortresses and even raise their own virtual Dragon. Lastly, RYL players have the chance to receive the ultimate gaming reward; to become the actual Emperor of RYL, Rule over the Land and win $1,000,000.

Some of the many innovative features of RYL: Path of the Emperor include:

- True Player vs. Player (PVP) Action

- Guild vs. Guild Battles

- Customized Character Creation

- Hundreds of Quests

- Compelling and Intuitive Combat System

- Innovative, Customizable "Skill System"

- Upgradeable and Limitless Armor and Weapons System

- Build Fortresses

- Raise a Virtual Dragon for Battle

- Create Flying Siege Gliders

- Commandeer Battering Rams

- Persistent Universe

- Thousands of Miles of Treacherous and Exotic Terrain

- Virtual Real Estate Ownership

- Become the Emperor and Rule the Land

About Planetwide Games

Based in Costa Mesa, CA, Planetwide Games (a Bluetorch On-Line Games, Inc. company) is establishing itself as a provider of leading online video game interactive entertainment. Planetwide Games also develops proprietary online technology and is building a worldwide network of affiliates to distribute their games. Visit or

RYL: Path of the Emperor, is currently available for online Pre-Order purchase at and will be available in video game retailers throughout North America at the end of March 2005.


Mark Politi, VP Sales and Marketing at Planetwide Games

800-560-2993 x 202

Mike Terpin at Terpin Communications

310-821-6100 x 102

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