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Rusty Hearts

Beta unveiled for WD-40 draining game.

Along with the teaser trailer, players can now sign up for the beta at



Players Can Now Apply for the Rusty Hearts Closed Beta

FOSTER CITY, Calif. - March 8, 2011 Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), unveiled today the teaser site for its upcoming multiplayer online role playing game (MORPG), Rusty Hearts. Developed by Stairway Games, Perfect World Entertainment has signed a licensing agreement with WindySoft to operate Rusty Hearts in North America.

Along with the unveiling of the Rusty Hearts teaser site and trailer, Perfect World Entertainment invites players to apply for the closed beta. Players can look forward to more information on Rusty Hearts to be revealed in the coming months and are urged to keep their eyes peeled on the official website at

Rusty Hearts is a fast paced, action-based MORPG featuring anime-inspired visuals and effects. A short feature list from the teaser site reveals:

- 4 Unique Characters - Choose from 4 different characters with their own unique abilities and storyline

- PvP - Area, guild battle, tournament system and more!

- Dungeons and Raiding - Party up with your friends and explore various dungeons and raids

- Crafting & Forging System - Craft and forge your gear to strengthen them

- My Room - Customize your own personal room, decorate and store items

- Controller Support - Optimized to work with any PC gamepad

About WindySoft

Since its establishment in 2002, WindySoft Co., Ltd. has retained a high reputation as a specialist in Premium casual (or so-called "mid-core") online games by demonstrating its great success with "GetAmped" publishing in Korea. The development/publishing of other games such as GA2, Cosmic Break, Katamari Damacy Online, MegaTen Online, Rusty Hearts and HEVA led to the build-up of a no.1 Action gaming portal called "" Moreover, titles like Kunio (River City Ransom) Online, Infinity, and Kart N Crazy are already licensed to each partner in Japan, China, Taiwan, Brazil, Europe and other South East Asia territories. With the distinctive KNOW-HOW from managing 13 million customers of "Getamped Online", WindySoft will keep providing a variety of game business models to its selective partners. While ensuring the stable revenue projection, WINDY VALUE CHAIN will continue to extend its resource efficient business partnerships throughout the world. Lastly, it is WindySoft's ultimate goal to entertain every single gamer in the world.

About Perfect World Entertainment Inc.

Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD), primarily publishes online games and provides online services in North America.  Aiming to provide the best game services to North American players with a highest level of commitment in localization, quality assurance, and user-friendly publishing infrastructure, Perfect World Entertainment has achieved great success and published a number of MMORPGs, including "Legend of Martial Arts," "Heroes of Three Kingdoms," "Battle of the Immortals," "Ether Saga Online," "Jade Dynasty," and "Perfect World International," a free-to-play MMORPG which is currently played by millions of people worldwide; and a single-player action-RPG "Torchlight."

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